Based in Knoxville, Tennessee with southern regional offices located in Tampa, FL Kana Hotel Group has a long history of creating value through best-in-brand hotel operations, sales, and revenue management.

Kana Hotel Group offers the expertise to position or reposition an asset through an incredibly talented team of seasoned professionals that head every discipline. The management team of Kana Hotel Group will create value at every hotel they manage by combining a pervasive sales-driven culture with a proven ability to capture share and manage the “middle-of-the-page” to drive margins. Sophisticated tools and systems allow our team to operate more efficiently, while our owner mentality always keeps a sharp focus on making smart decisions based on what is best for the asset. And most importantly, Kana Hotel Groups unique culture and approach offers a fresh new way of working with a hotel management company, not as a traditional “contract party” but as a partner.

Management Services


KHG’s unique, field-based operations team allows for more consistent and precise communication that ensures that each property in the organization is focused- from an owner’s perspective- on creating exceptional results. Our Regional Directors of Operations are not tied to the dual role of direct oversight of a particular asset while trying to maximize results in the field. Our Operations team works closely with your on-property management teams to ensure results. This type of hands-on management creates an efficient and effective relationship that enables our teams to manage each property as if it were their own. This strategy allows us to provide industry-leading results for third-party management partners.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing are a critical part of Kanas’s results-oriented culture. Through the expert support of our Regional Directors, our VP of Revenue Management, and our President of Hotel Operations our locations consistently command a much higher than average portion of the local market share. We recruit top sales professionals in each marketplace and aggressively promote the hotels through strong client relationships, community involvement, and unique marketing strategies. The commitment to work closely with each of our on-property Sales associates and General Managers to continually develop their skills has allowed Kana to deliver a unique and effective marketing strategy in each of our markets. Our results speak for themselves; we would be happy to share our success stories with you.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a key component to the success of each hotel location. We have frequently taken on management assignments with Hotel Partners that were previously using Brand Revenue for Hire resources and saw increased performance after switching to our solution. Our Revenue Management team works daily to improve RevPar penetration and drive continual growth in market share. Our Vice President of Revenue Management works closely with each member of the Revenue team to create a cooperative effort that provides a unique and effective plan to build revenues. This relationship, combined with state-of-the-art tools that measure our performance, allows our hotel locations to utilize rate, inventory, supply and demand as well as ever-changing market conditions to transform our objectives into a winning strategy. Unlike many Management Companies and operators, we not only focus on rates and inventory, but also on the increasingly important area of Social Media, ITP’s, and all channels of electronic delivery and exposure for your asset.

Administrative Support

Precise handling of administrative tasks is essential to keeping a third-party management partner in tune with the hotel’s current productivity. Kana employs state-of-the-art data collection tools that provide timely and accurate information. We review results on all assets daily to act where needed. As owner or asset manager of a Kana-managed property, you will have the same equal, real-time access to your properties results through our unique web-based programs. This support allows each hotel to receive centralized accounting services and closely monitors the hotels to assure that uniform procedures are being executed. By providing this type of administrative support, we are confident that our third-party management partners will remain informed with up-to-the-minute performance reports.

Training and Associate Development

Training and development is an essential part of improving the value of our assets as well as ensuring the growth of our associates. We pride ourselves in the long-term tenure of team members and the overall team member satisfaction across our Hotels. Kana invests in our associates with hands-on training, and by providing our associates with the tools necessary to create great personal success and advancement within our organization. We believe that our greatest asset is our associates, and we are committed to producing leaders that welcome new challenges, create management efficiencies, focus on profitability and look to guide the future growth of our organization.

Facility Maintenance

Maintaining a facility in optimal operating conditions is an essential part of returning maximum value to an owner. Consistent execution of in-house maintenance systems assures that each location is operated at top efficiency. This commitment to ongoing maintenance provides confidence that the facility is not only being operated properly today but will remain competitive and in top shape in years to come. Kana works closely with the ownership group to determine the most effective use of capital expense funds. Our partnering designers and builders that we have built strong relationships with through the years will ensure that you are getting not only the best results but also the best value in the industry. We are determined to assure that the physical plant is maintained in a manner that places the hotel in a superior position in the marketplace.